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School Trip: Washington D.C.
April 26, 2006 - April 28, 2006
On April 26, 2006, until April 28, 2006, I went with my school to Washington D.C. It's the capital of this country. You may have heard of it...the country is called 'America', the 'United States of America', you know, something like that. So now that you kind of know where I was, I will show you the crappy picture-and-text tour. Sadly, there is a famous monument or two that have not a picture to go with them. That will be just a lot more text. This is actually a majority of text...just how I am, I guess.
The Trip
Arlington Cemetary
First up is this bunch of headstones. At first glance, they seem like a bunch of normal, run-of-the-mill headstones. Well...they are. Why did I take a picture of them then, do you ask? Because of the names. Now, since you can't read them yourself, I'll try to remember...I believe it was the stone to the immediate right of the tree, and then the one either to that stone's immediate right or the one to the right and back one. Anyway, the story behind this went like so:

Me: *looks at headstones* "Oh hey, weird. That guy's name was Roy." *looks at second headstone, which was farther away than the Roy stone* ...Wait a second--*looks and reads name again*
*takes picture*

Why was this so important?
The second name was...get this...



If you don't get it, that's okay. It's an anime reference xD
The tomb of the unknown soldier. This is my eye level, on the third step looking over a railing. Actually, may have been a bit higher, cuz I remember I couldn't see shit because there were so many people in front of me. Tall people. REALLY tall people. Yeesh.
You'll notice I took a lot of pictures of interesting headstone names. While the one in the immediate foreground says 'Hazzard' (yes, it really does), there is a tall, skinny headstone a litle bit behind it. The name on it (another FMA anime reference) was...seriously...Brosh. The name Denny popped into my head, I went 'OMFG' and snapped a pic.
You can read this. It says 'Coolidge'. While you may first think of Calvin Coolidge, the President of whenever that dood was President...like...the nineteen...somethings. Thirties. Fourties. Fifties. I dunno. The whenever-the-hell-he-was-president times. Kay? Kay. Anyway. That wasn't what first popped into my head. Oh no. My head is too tainted with anime and video games (among other things), so the name that popped into my head was 'Senel Coolidge'. He's the main character from the Tales of Legendia RPG. So to that I went 'OMG' and snapped a picture. It was a while later that I thought of the President Coolidge.
Yes, another interesting name. At first, I was just like 'Oh, an Edward'. Then I saw the wife's name, and did a double take and a snapshot. The wife's name was 'something something HUGHES'. I was like *head snaps back to stare* "SAY WHAT?" Sure enough, the Edward there had the Hughes as well. so Edward Hughes. That is the most bizarre combination of names. Well, actually...in FMA terms...Hughes and Ed both...in relation to O-Yashi-sama--uh, Envy...well, you know. If you don't, I just saved myself from getting yelled at for spoiling various things for you.
The eternal flame over John F. Kennedy and family's grave. Strangely, Robert Kennedy isn't buried here. His tomb marker is down a path, by a fountain. It's only a few hundred feet away, right by the path, but still, unlike JFK and sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers and whoever is buried there. Robert Kennedy isn't there. Not sure why...*wonders*
Smithsonian: A Lot of Museums (And we Only Saw 2?!?!)
Left: Sculpture outside of American History Museum
Right: Sculpture's shadow
Above: Three planes from the lobby of the Air and Space Museum
I have a few pictures for the rest of day one, mostly stories now. Let's see. Above are some planes for the Air and Space museum, after that we went to the American History museum (where the sculpture and its shadow are from).

The American History museum was cool because my friends went on this racing simulator (I decided to stay behind and hold everyone's coats and stuff), and found a wallet belonging to someone from California who was on a trip like ours. And what was in the wallet? Over two hundred dollars. I'm not kidding. What did they do? They handed our chapherones the wallet. Full. Not with 0 dollars, but all two hundred something dollars. And the wallet is now on its way to the owner. And the teacher said that in their school, if anyone ever disses New Yorkers (we get a bad rep from the ghetto city parts it seems), they...can't. Because we respectable NY's (not saying the citygoers are bad--there's only a small bunch that are like that) handed it in, we have a good rep ^^ Yay!

After the Smithsonian we went to Medieval Times. For those who don't know what it is, Medieval Times is this awesome place (there's one in NJ) where you basically watch a jousting show. And eat soup (which was good--and I hate soup), eat chicken, bread, baked potatoes, ribs, and these yummy apple pastries. All with NO utensils to fit in with the theme. It's really cool.

After the show, my friends got to have their picture taken with our patron knight (the audience is divided into sections to cheer for the various knights--Red, Yellow, Black and White, Blue, Green, and Red and Yellow. We were red and yellow.). Now, I have really bad judgement on this type of thing, but I'm pretty sure that like ten of my friends and a heck of a lot more girls from various middle schools can't be wrong. Apparently, this guy was HOT. Like...he looked a bit like "Orlando Bloom, only hotter", to quote...someone. I can't remember who said that. But he did look like Orlando Bloom. Whether or not he was 'hotter', well...I'm still not too good with judging these things.

At the hotel (oh wait--hang on, I'll post a picture of the hotel. It'll help)
This was the Dulles Airport Hyatt in Virginia. And I discovered something. When we were there, I was like 'damn, that's a LOT of Virginia plates--and I thought I'd been seeing a lot in NY lately...'. This proves I was up really late, because then it hit me: 'duh, maybe cuz I'm kind of...uh...in Virginia?' So...yeah.

Room 209 was very lively that night. We spent like three quarters of said night talking...rather loud on my scale, but who knows, maybe it's cuz I have really weird hearing? *shrug*

Anyhoo, I ended up falling asleep at like...three in the morning. My friends that I were rooming with had the scariest experience, swearing that our room was haunted. Why? Because they saw the Grim Reaper's scythe, and the desk chair to our room seemed to have someone in it, like it was possessed. That was the night.
Day 2 was mostly memorial after memorial after memorial. I don't have pictures of a few because of my camera, but...I'll do my best to talk and explain away anyhoos.
First up was the Jefferson Memorial, where I made an interesting observation. See, the memorial is a circular shape, and is surrounded on two sides by water (screw the fact that I'm defying geometry right now...not my point). The memorial is a statue of Jefferson, and on four walls is inscribed four excerpts from his famous documents and such...

Well, there was green residue on some of the letters, kinda like what happened to make the Statue of Liberty green...therefore the letters were made of copper. One wall didn't have this problem, and it turns out that was the wall facing away from the oxidation (or whatever turns copper green, not too sure) factor, aka the river. Just an interesting find.
The WWII memorial...found New York, if you haven't noticed a thousand times already by the pictures xD. Found its name on the memorial, I mean. =D
I don't have any pictures of the next two memorials, which were the Lincoln and Korean War memorials. I do have a picture of the Washington Monument, though, so I'll substitute that and some pictures of the Vietnam Memorial. We didn't actually go to/in the Washington Monument, but...it's a famous picture. Whatever.

And I'm posting a bit out of order, because the FDR memorial and Capitol building were before the WWII memorial...sorry about that.
Above Left: The Capitol building. Oooh. Legislation.
Above Right: The Washington Monument. Ooh. Spikey.
Left: The Vietnam Memorial, and an interesting name: Michael Austin. If you don't get it, then it's to be expected. If you do, then you'll get why it was so interesting...xD
Below: A waterfall display in the FDR memorial.
Again, a huge gap in pictures here, and then comes the last day of the trip. Allow me to lengthily summarize what I don't have pics of.

We went to the Union Station for lunch and a bit of shopping. Post lunch we went to the National Zoo, where there were supposed to be Komodo Dragons, but...not one in sight ;; So that was pointless. Past that we went to the Pentagon Mall for dinner (not the actual Pentagon I don't think...just some mall) and more shopping.

And then we went to this sports complex in MD (Maryland) to swim or play sports or whatever.

Then we got up the next day and went off to the last leg of our trip:
Baltimore Harbor
Let's see...we went to the National Aquarium, saw the dolphin show (I got splashed =P), then we went to the various stores around the harbor...

The Subway there sucked, they mixed up my order. But the cinnamon sugar pretzel from Auntie Anne's was really good. I am teh addicted now. xD

And...after that we went home o_o I have like...one story from the trip, and then something about our bus driver, and then we are teh done.
The Aquarium
Right. Now for the thing about the trip home. We were riding on a Yankee bus line...from Massachusetts (this is ironic and very important). So a bus that had NY plates, full of people from the same place as us, drove by, and held up this sign that said 'We <3 Boston', but it was kinda obvious they meant 'Fuck you, Red Sox lovin' cocksuckers!' I ended up being so mad I was almost crying...

And I wasn't on this bus, but I heard that at a rest stop that the other half of the buses went to, they ran into Carson (yes, the blonde fashionista from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) at Starbucks or something...man, the stories were great.
You can see my bus' mirrors. Our bus was bus 3, driven by Winston. He. Was. The. Greatest. Everyone on our bus went psycho cheering for him like...at least ten times throughout the day, every day, for three days. So...yay for Winston!!!

And thus concludes my trip summary which wasn't much of a summary but a detailed story, but whatever.